august 5, 2014





Pants – Zara       Tanktop – Balenciaga        Shoes – Chanel       Accessories – Hermès and Cartier.

august 5, 2014

PicMonkey CfffddollagePicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Cofffllage

There’s no point saying «long time no see» because we all know that’s a fact. It’s been waaaaay to long since my last post here on AndreasSnapshot but things have been so hectic with school, redecorating and life in general. I’ve been thinking about closing this site several times during this period of time, but something inside me missed sharing moments, outfits and snapshots with you guys – so now I’m back, completely 100% . And that’s a promise. During late march a lot of things have been happening! We’re finally done with our apartment, everything from walls to floors – finito. I will share some pictures with you later. Summer is almost over but I’m looking back at some amazing memories with my boyfriend and friends in Mykonos – we had such a blast and can’t wait to go back! As august and fall is approaching I feel so ready for my studies to begin and an exciting fall to look forward to, at and share it all with you.  Let’s talk very soon!

xx Andreas

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