mai 25, 2013

Pants – Dagmar      Bag – Céline      Sweater – Raer       Shoes  - Converse      Bracelets  - Cartier /  Hermès

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Thank you :D

  1. JLB

    I’m wondering what size your Nightingale and Céline luggage are? :) I also noticed you have a Louis Vuitton Macassar Keepall 45, is that too big for everyday use you think? Which do you prefer for everyday use? I’m thinking of buying my first designer bag but I don’t know which! lol

    • Andreas Antonsen

      My Nightingale is a large size, and my Céline luggage is a weekend size! Yes I also have the keepall 45 from LV, but my favorite bag is the Givenchy Nightingale, for practical reasons :)