februar 19, 2014




My dream blazer from Balmain. A long term relationship!

  1. Syliva

    I just love your style and blog Andreas ! Could you please recommend a hotel in Paris for a weekend getaway? xoxo Sylvia

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Hi there Sylvia! Thank you for your comment!
      When it comes do hotels in Paris i usually stay at Hotel Concorde, or rent an apartment. xx Andreas

  2. Nick Theme

    So cool! I love the silver details.

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Thank you!

  3. Ole K

    BANANAS! <3

    • Andreas Antonsen

      You know it ;)

  4. MH

    Ooh, overhodet ikke det fnugg sjalu.. :-O
    Shit så fin den er, perfekt Paris-kjøp, og SÅ bra du tok versonen med sølvknappene!! :-D (Y)

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Meget fornøyd selv! 40 % off gjorde det enda bedre ;)