august 26, 2014







As we are almost done (You are actually NEVER done) with our apartment, I’m surfing through the internet looking for some decoration inspiration. We have twice as much space now then we had in our old place so I find it difficult to decorate it all. Since I’m suffering from a bit of schizophrenia I can’t really decide what style to go for.  I think I need some professional help – with the apartment.. Please leave a comment if you have any good websites for deco, furniture and other fun stuff!

  1. Have you checked Apartment Therapy?

  2. deco

    Gå for «modern glamour» men gjør det maskulint. Ryan Corban Interior på google….

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Takk for tips!

  3. Marthe

    Hei:-) kan jeg spørre hvor den fantastiske lysekronen
    Din er fra ?

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Heisann :-) Vet ikke nøyaktig hvor de er fra men tror de er kjøpt i Stockholm, var en innflyttningsgave fra Mamma :-)