november 19, 2014






I love redecorating my apartment. When doing my livings rooms it’s all about these small details like flowers, trays, books, magazines and jewelry actually. My desktop is full of inspiring images that I often use before I get started. Above you can see some of the pictures I’ve saved lately, using tumblr and pinterest but also some of my own images that I have taken during time. I know I have been promising more photos from our apartment but the case is that the delivering of our furnitures took (let’s say it like this; FOREVER.) a bit more time then expected, and when they arrived it was all wrong – color, size, and material. So we have been waiting 6 months for the right furnitures! But today I got the call that our dining room chairs was here! SO STAY TUNED!

  1. iselin

    Hvor er YSL koppen/lyset fra? Nydelig! :D

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Det vet jeg desverre ikke, det bildet er ikke mitt :/

  2. Holy mother of God. Inspirasjonen er bare… amazing.

    • Andreas Antonsen

      Så bra du likte det, og ikke minst bli inspirert av det :)